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I present to you my top 3 workbooks. You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay is a self-help book that expands on holistic healing. Mindfulness: a Journal by Catherine Price helps you examine what's in your head through a series of mindfulness practices. Practice You: a Journal by Elena Brower invites you to get to know yourself. 

On Saturdays, my son would wake me up and we would spend 4 to 6 hours at this beautiful YMCA in Wake County. It was a church on one side and a YMCA on the other. In the front was a cafe' that I use to buy caramel creme from. Then I would drink either water or a caramel creme while I utilized these 3 books. 

When I arrived, I grabbed a water and practiced mindfulness, which really helped because I needed to prepare myself for a workout I didn't really want to do. When I would workout, I would get on the treadmill or the bike by the window and think about the muscles I was using as I increased my speed and resistance. I noticed everything and that was significant because I lost 40lbs in 3 months that year. Yes, I believe being mindful helped a great deal because it motivated my mindset. 

When my workout was done I would pamper myself in the ladies' room and get dressed and grab a caramel creme with almond milk and read You Can Heal Your Life and afterward write in my Practice You journal because they both focused on me healing my mind, body, and soul. I always left refreshed and with a new outlook on life. Incorporate practice and routines in your life and measure the results. 


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